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Board of Education Minutes – August 2017

St. Stephen the Martyr

Board of Education Minutes

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

GPC Conference Room




Fr. David Belt, Mary Maguire, Dr. Roseanne Williby, Amie Konwinski, John Kalkowski, Todd Hartz, Stephanie Tupper, Patrick Cooley, Jen Carda


Absent: Dawn Stock


Opening Prayer: Fr. David Belt


Approval of Minutes:  July 2017 minutes approved


Pastor’s Report:  Fr. David Belt

  • Just returning from Ireland
  • Excited for school year to beginning


School Report:  Dr. Roseanne Williby

  • Calendar Update
  • Staff Update
    • Akile Bannister – Director of Kidzone to start this week
    • Cinda Heiman – retiring
  • New Teachers start 8/9/2017
    • Orientation to be assigned and mentors paired
  • Back to school Events
    • H&S has coordinated efforts with admin to notify parents of Back to School Open House
  • Handbooks to be Reviewed
    • Sent to Dr. Michael Aston, then Patrick Flood
  • Teacher Orientation
    • Social Media
    • Our Sunday Visitor
    • Guided Reading
    • School of Faith
    • Technology Usage
    • Writing in the Content Area
    • Red Cross CPR training
  • MAP Assessment implemented
  • Welcoming Families
    • Open House
    • Boo Hoo Bagels on first day of school
    • School Yard Signs
    • Back to School Handout
    • Playdates
  • Grounds preparation and cleaning crew – hard at work to prep facilities
  • Martyr Marathon Committee & 25th Anniversary Preparations underway


RE and YM Report:  Mary Maguire


  • Religious Education
    • Catechist/Volunteer sign-up: Registrations are coming in rapidly. Catechists are most needed on Tuesday nights at 4:15 and 5:30 and Sunday mornings.
      • Classes begin in August: K- gr. 8: Aug. 22/23rd
      • Sunday School: Aug. 20th (Open House on Aug. 13th)
      • Parent Meetings are in the GPC during classes the first week. 
Parent Meetings are in the GPC during classes the first week. Will we have a 
BOE representative at the meetings?
      • Cookie Dough fundraiser begins in Sept.
    • Review Handbooks
    • New curriculum and are always expanding our resources. should!
      • Alive in Christ-
      • Chosen:
    • Decision Point:
  • Workbook by Matthew 
Kelly (Rediscovering Catholicism)
  • Used by 8th grade, App available
  • Altaration- The mystery of the Mass revealed:

  • Encounter with Christ- Reconciliation and Eucharist: Immediate sacrament prep for both Reconciliation and Eucharist for children in both the School and Religious Education.
  • You- Life, Love and Theology of the Body- Theology of the Body for Teens.
  • Sacrament Preparations
  • Confirmation: Parent meeting on Sunday, September 10th at 7:30 pm
  • Reconciliation and First Holy Communion
    • Reconciliation Parent Meeting: September 24th, 2017 at 7:15 pm
    • First Reconciliation: Dec 4th/5th at 7 pm
    • First Communion Parent Meeting on February 25th, 2108 at 7:15 pm
    • First Holy Communion: Sunday, April 15th, 2018
  • Youth Ministry
    • Steubenville 2017
      • 2 buses (68 teens, 13 prayer/group leaders)
      • Hoping to improve registration and build formation opportunities prior to conference in 2018
    • Summer Events
      • High attendance
      • Teen Trivia Night (August 27th)
    • Life Teen (High School): This semester will be on Morality, continuing to follow the framework as laid-out by the USCCB
      • Teen-lead Holy Hours, which the youth seemed to really enjoy last year.
      • Fall overnight retreat, TIMELESS, will be held at Camp Carol Joy Holling the weekend of November 3rd-5th.
      • Mark McKercher will be leading core team on a day-long retreat on Sunday, October 1st.
    • Edge (Middle School): More in-depth look at The Creed
    • Parent Supports:
      • Access to Parent Life Resource Site – FREE
      • Parent Nights
      • Website
    • Youth Ministry Support Coordinators
      • Feed the Faith Squad
      • Pro-Life Coordinator
      • Hearts Open Wide-Service Squad
        • Brush-up NE Paint-a-thon
        • Dinner at the Stephen Center
      • Archdiocesan Human Sexuality Formation Committee: 
Laura Bogue sits on committee:
  1. The goal of HSF committee is to equip our children and youth to live chaste lives across all vocations and states of life.
  2. Review and make recommendations as to programs and/or curriculums and/or resources that will be implemented in schools, Religious Ed and adult formation offerings. Strengthen and support parents. Make resources available to all across the lifespan.
  3. Deliver training, implement programs and evaluate programs.
  • RE Parent Handbook for 2017-18 Approved

Old Business:


  • Constitution policy and procedures – discussion reviewed – will be lengthy process and reviewed over the course of the year
    • Committee established – John Kalkowski, Jen Carda, Todd Hartz
    • Discussion of future committees


New Business:


  • RE Handbook approved
  • 5-day School Handbook approved
  • School supply list


Closing Prayer:  Father David Belt