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Flood Relief

Dear St. Stephen the Martyr Parish Family,

I am inviting you to join me and your fellow parishioners to respond to the immediate flood relief needs of our community.  Listed below are several ways to support and serve others:


Let us pray that everyone who has been affected by this disaster, especially members of our parish community, be supported in every way possible. We also pray that generous and willing volunteers respond to their brothers and sisters in need. Finally, we pray for the grace to draw nearer to God through this trial. 

Donate Money to this Weekend’s Second Collection

Please consider donating to the second collection basket this weekend during every Mass. Funds will be distributed by the Archdiocese to families in need.

Participate in the School Dress-Down Day on Tuesday, March, 26th

Students and staff are encouraged to donate $1 (or more) and dress down on Tuesday, March 26. If writing a check, please make it payable to St. Stephen the Martyr with “Flood” in the memo.  Funds will be distributed by the Archdiocese to families in need.

Support Catholic Charities Emergency Flood Response Effort

Click here to donate money, bottled water, blankets, towels, personal hygiene products, laundry soap, pre-packaged food, shovels, gift cards, diapers, cleaning supplies, new or gently used toys, and small appliances. 

Donate Needed Items* to either designated Salvation Army location:

Canfield’s @ 86th & Center (Noon – 6 PM, Weekdays)

*This location is accepting granola bars, single serving size chips & cookies, bottled water, shampoo, bar soap, blankets and towels (no clothing).

Don Stroh Administration Center @ 5606 S 147th St. (Wednesday, March 20th, 8 AM – 5 PM only)

*This location is accepting mops, buckets, work gloves, rakes, shovels, bleach and household cleaning items.

Volunteer at the Salvation Army (Canfield’s location)

At the moment, water levels are still dangerously high. Authorities are not allowing volunteers without Red Cross training to assist on site. However, volunteers are needed at the Salvation Army (Canfield’s location on 86th & Center) to unload, organize, and re-package donations.

Additional Opportunities

Once established, additional opportunities will be communicated.

Available Assistance to those in Need

If you or someone you know needs assistance, please click here to contact the American Red Cross or click here to contact the Omaha Metro Area Salvation Army.  If you or someone you know needs immediate assistance, please call the Parish Office at 402-896-9675.

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