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New Weekend Announcement Procedures – August 17, 2018

Beginning the weekend of September 8-9, we will adjust the way in which we do our announcements. The intention is to help create a more prayerful environment in which to prepare ourselves to enter into and remain in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as well as to conform more closely to the mind of the Church. As such, the following adjustments will be made:

  • We will no longer announce the names of the sick members of our parish before Mass, but will instead have these names listed in a special place in the Bulletin.
    • This will allow people to have the list in hand and pray for the sick members throughout the week.
    • Additionally, a link to that particular bulletin page will be provided in the weekly Parish email
    • Finally, it will provide peace of heart and mind to our lectors who will no longer have to worry about mispronouncing names
  • We will no longer announce the names of the deceased members of our parish before Mass, but will instead incorporate them in the Universal Prayer
    • Those members of our parish who passed away during the preceding week will be added to the final petition within the Universal Prayer
    • The Universal Prayer is also referred to as the Prayer of the Faithful, and this is precisely what it is, the response of the faithful to the Word of God which they have just heard and the needs of the community to which they belong. The Prayer of the Faithful is placed immediately before the Offertory in which the gifts are brought forward and the altar prepared. So it is, that the prayers of the faithful are brought forward as well and thus offered on the altar along with the gifts of bread and wine, all of which are taken up by and united to Christ in His Sacrifice.
  • We will no longer announce the Mass Intention before Mass, but will incorporate it in the Universal Prayer
  • Any announcements that have ordinarily come after the Prayer after Communion and before the Final Blessing will be announced prior to Mass.
    • This will provide for a smooth, uninterrupted transition from the Liturgy of the Eucharist—the most intimate encounter with our Lord—to the Final Blessing and the Dismissal, which commends us to go forth remaining in the peace of our Lord whom we have just received and thus glorifying Him in our daily lives.
  • Finally, general considerations to keep in mind when submitting an announcement request are as follows:
    • All announcements should be short and concise, containing general information, not details.
    • Each item should be of general interest to the parish as a whole
    • Items should usually apply to the spiritual well-being of parishioners
    • If an item is in the bulletin it should not be announced.
    • Changes in Mass Schedule, Holy Days, etc., will always be announced
    • Special Parish events happening immediately, including but not limited to brunches and fundraisers, may be announced on the day they take place

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