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School Advisory Board – February 2019

St. Stephen the Martyr School Advisory Board

“United in Christ to ignite the joy of faith, community, and learning”

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

7:00 pm. GPC Board Room

Meeting Minutes


Fr. David Belt, Julie Perrault, Dr. Joe Greco, Amanda Treiber, Anne Kalkowski, Todd Hartz, Kari Hohenstein, Patrick Cooley, Jen Jones, Joe Reding, Leslie McFee, Sarah Heller, Missy Adam

Absent: Natalie Skutt & Jen Carda

  1. Opening prayer – Missy Adam
  • Introductions – All
    • Special Guests: Katie Baumker, Home & School Co-President and Seminarian Kyle.
    • Welcome our new board member Missy Adam.
  • K-8 School Update – Mrs. Perrault & Dr. Greco:
    • Open House was a huge success.
    • Enrollment starts Feb. 18.  Starting early so we have a better idea of numbers.
    • Be The Light campaign kicked off in early February.  This will be a yearlong kindness campaign.
    • School Administration is working on the budget and putting things in to place for next year.  They are focused on what’s best for the students.  Meeting with Finance Council regularly.
      • Will no longer be looking at reducing classes and will continue with 3 classes per grade.  Maximum would be 30 per class.
      • Once we have enrollment numbers, TA’s will be assessed and placed accordingly.
    • Tuition will be a 3% increase which is the minimum increase.
    • Working on the calendar for next year and will be presented at our next meeting for approval.
    • Mrs. Perrault has been working with Academic Excellence sub-committee and teachers for alignment of curriculum, working at standards.  Also meeting with Language Arts staff and putting in some check and balances now, along with writing and balanced literacy. 
    • Will be working with Advanced Ed while moving forward with strategic planning.
    • Mrs. Perrault will look at scheduling a time this month for Students Listening Session.
  • Pre-School Update – Mrs. Perrault & Dr. Greco:
    • Obtained approval to move forward.
    • Enrollment started about a week and half.  As of right now we have 13 confirmed registrations which will fill at least one all day class.  Hoping to get to two classes.
    • Early registration numbers for the part time classes are lower, but it’s very early yet so we expect these numbers to increase.
  • Father Dave’s Update:
    • Father Dave updated the group on the following topics:
      • Reminder of our main objectives as well as what is currently being worked on and what has been completed.
      • There is a lot of excitement surrounding Martyr Mission and TAGG!
      • Deacon Ernie’s last day was February 4th.  The position is changing to Director of Development.  This position will build relationships with donors, parishioners and businesses to build a sense of community and generosity as well as increase Sunday giving.  Until someone is hired Randy, Julie Hahn and Annette Otteman will share the responsibilities.
      • State of financials for parish and school and steps to make improvements.
        • Salary range/scale for staff needs to be installed and get our teachers “caught up” on the pay scale.
        • The Teacher Endowment Fund will be distributed on an annual basis starting this year.  Amounts to be determined yet.
  • Listening Tour Data/Analysis and Strategic Plan :
    • Dan DeLuca will need to take a step back due to other commitments.  SAB will be taking the lead. 
    • The goal is to have the Strategic Plan done by the Fall.
    • A survey needs to be developed in follow up to the Listening Sessions and be sent out in the spring.  An additional survey will go out in the fall.
    • Todd presented Listening Session results in a power point presentation; he will send this out to all SAB members.
    • It was noted that many things are already in the works, improvements already have been made.  This should continue without a strategic plan.
      • Three goals:
        • Blended learning
        • Balanced literacy
        • Technology & Guided Math
    • The SAB will send out a “We are Listening” to the parents and communicate next steps and what we are working on.  Explain the reasons for the surveys and outline the timeline.
      • SAB members look into NCEA and also make a list of things that we know already being done.  So that we can use that in the communication to parents.
      • Each subcommittee should meet to come up with a list of items that have been completed and/or are in progress.
  • Miscellaneous:
  • Before the next meeting we need to determine new members.   Todd would like to ask if anyone is interested in taking on a recruiting role.  This is normally done in April.  Skill sets required per Father.  There is a process to follow and work with Todd, Joe and Jen.  If anyone is interested, please email Todd.  Duties also include coordinating the vote for next year’s officers.
  • AE Committee will move forward with end of the year awards.  Survey needs to be sent out for the three awards.  Please expect some emails soon.  Also if anyone can attend the last day of school to help present the awards that would be great.
  • H&S is meeting next week regarding budget.  There will be some changes upcoming.

Closing Prayer – Anne Kalkowski

Next Meeting: May 7, 2019     6:30 p.m. – –  Parish Library

Greeter = Leslie McFee

Opening Prayer = Natalie Skutt

Closing Prayer = Amanda Trieber