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School Advisory Board Minutes – April 2018

St. Stephen the Martyr School Advisory Board
“United in Christ to ignite the joy of faith, community, and learning”


Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

7:00 pm. GPC Board Room




Fr. David Belt, Dr. Roseanne Williby, Amie Konwinski, John Kalkowski, Todd Hartz, Stephanie Tupper, Patrick Cooley, Jen Carda, Jen Jones, Joe Reding, Natalie Skutt, Katie Holt, Leslie McFee, Sarah Heller

Home & School Presidents: Brooke Keller, Lisa Bruce (Home & School President)


  1. Opening prayer – Board Member’s Prayer – All
  2. Guest Dick Schenck, Finance Committee President
    1. Review of Financials
      1. Fiscal year July 1st through June 30th
        1. Projected to pay debt by July 2019 (9 months into the budget)
        2. March loan balance currently at $490,000
        3. Increase in food costs for 2019 school year
          1. Westside schools will increase food costs from $2.45 to $2.55 for lunch
        4. Overall good expense control from October through March
  • Increase in contributions Nov – Jan, continuing through Feb/March
  1. Budget process
    1. Three drafts, starting in Sept/Oct, currently working on 4th
    2. Two decisions made:
      1. Not alternating staff of school/parish
      2. Provide raise if possible (2% for staff)
  • Adjustments/Decisions discussed:
    1. Loan deposit account: preferably around $250,000
    2. Increase school tuition/fees
    3. Review of personnel and administration dollars
    4. Increase in Health insurance
    5. Helpful actions: Martyr Madness, overall expense control
  1. Budget to Archdiocese anticipated on June 1st
  2. Open to questions and discussions
  1. Standing items
    1. Williby school report
      1. Attention to 25 year anniversary
      2. Enrollment for preschool/Kindergarten 2018-19
        1. Shift in configuration of preschool
        2. Kindergarten enrollment at 74
          1. 4 additional commitments
          2. about 26 students per class
          3. potential to pick up 2-3 per class
  • Staffing changes for the upcoming school year
  1. Teacher associates – need for TAs due to resignations – 18 slots available
  2. Home and School Funding: Martyr Marathon Proposal
    1. Replace TVs
  3. 8th Grade Honor Roll Luncheon on May 10th
  • First Holy Communion
    1. 170 second graders received their Sacrament on April 15th
  • Love and Logic/Discipline Program
    1. Continued training and education will happen in August
  1. Discussions
    1. Enrollment
    2. TA openings
    3. Enrollment of kindergarten
  2. Update with Fr. Belt
    1. Senior Leadership Team Formation
    2. Review Parish Staff/Personnel working with Archdiocese
  • Sacrament season
  1. Discussion of role of School Advisory Board Members
  1. Mission and Catholic Identity – Patrick Cooley, Chair
    1. Ignite40 Prayer Campaign throughout Lent
    2. Mission Statement Banner
    3. Spiritual Theme possibilities for the 2018-19 school year
    4. Key stakeholder profiles
  2. Governance and Leadership – Joe Reding, Chair
    1. Nomination procedures for new board members
    2. Review of policies for Board
  3. Academic Excellence – Katherine Holt, Chair
    1. Review of Spanish curriculum (4th through 8th grade)
    2. Year End Awards Discussed
  4. Operational Vitality – Natalie Skutt and Todd Hartz, Co-chairs
    1. Marketing, Technology, and Facility – on hold until new administration
    2. Technology Plan discussion
    3. Safety Plan discussion
      1. Physical security assessment completed with Tori Bolt,
        1. Recommendations given to committee
        2. Committee to review and prioritize recommendations
      2. Discussion on Mental Health and how to support students and be proactive in this arena
    4. Nomination for new Board Members
  5. New Business
    1. Election of new officers
      1. President – Todd Hartz
      2. Vice President – Joe Reding
  • Secretary – Jen Jones
  1. Home and School
    1. SAB – line item for budgeting
    2. Martyr Marathon Funds
  • Catholic Schools Week
  1. Closing Prayer



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