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School Advisory Board Minutes – January 2018

St. Stephen the Martyr School Advisory Board

“United in Christ to ignite the joy of faith, community, and learning”

Tuesday, January 16th, 2017

7:00 pm. GPC Board Room



Fr. David Belt, Dr. Roseanne Williby, Amie Konwinski, John Kalkowski, Todd Hartz, Stephanie Tupper, Patrick Cooley, Jen Carda, Jen Jones, Joe Reding, Natalie Skutt, Katie Holt, Leslie McFee

Home & School Presidents: Angie Gross, Brooke Keller, Lisa Bruce

Absent: Sarah Heller


  • Opening prayer – Board Member’s Prayer – All
  • Standing items
    1. Williby school report
      1. American citizenship hand out distributed to Board
      2. Spanish Program/Curriculum Discussion
  • Spring Open House – Luncheon provided Tuesday (13th) – presence of Board members
  1. Motion to approve school report by Jen Carda, seconded by Joe Reding – motion approved


  1. Finance committee report
    1. Review school enrollment and financials provided by Finance committee
      1. Enrollment down, parish covers the difference for cost per students
      2. Consideration of Adopt-a-Student program
      3. Budget reallocated for instructional supplies to cover reading series
      4. Welcome Tuition Grant:
        1. First year – $1, 000
        2. Second year – $500
      5. Preschool enrollment for next year – looking at preschool 102 potential enrollment
      6. Projected enrollment for next school year 665 (K-8th)
      7. Potential growth for endowment funds and development


  1. Update and direction with Father Belt


  1. Discussion of Dr. Williby’s recent resignation
    1. Gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Williby’s work and service
    2. Father Belt will meet with Dr. M. Ashton to determine next steps for hiring new principal/posting of position – expected date for transition July 1, 2018
  2. Listening sessions for the parish
    1. 5 remaining sessions, participation encouraged


  1. Mission and Catholic Identity: Patrick Cooley
    1. Mission Statement is visible in the classrooms and being stated in the mornings
    2. Importance of a community united in prayer
      1. Lenten prayer campaign during Lent for school families/community
    3. Looking outward – what are other schools doing well in this area
    4. Looking inward – Dr. Williby provided an extensive list of practices involved in our school systems – how to develop such things further


  1. Governance and Leadership: Joe Reding
    1. Communication plan
    2. Potential meet & greet
    3. Open discussion Bylaws
      1. Amendments, additions discussed – changes to be made
      2. Email suggestions to G&L committee as soon as possible
  • Electronic copy to be sent to Pat Flood at archdiocese upon completion


  1. Academic Excellence: Katie Holt
    1. Terra Nova Scores
    2. Spanish Curriculum/Program
      1. Discussion to continue at next meeting
    3. Teacher Retention
    4. Middle School Schedule


  1. Operational Vitality: Natalie Skutt
    1. Open House, Feb 11, 10am-1pm
    2. Board Member participation and Priest presence
  • Possibility of photo booth and/or SSM ‘rocks’ table


  1. Discussion of Home & School Role as non-voting members
    1. Discussion of budget
    2. Potential of listening session
    3. Communications with the Board
    4. Potential for volunteerism


  1. Closing Prayer


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