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School Advisory Board Minutes – November 2017

St. Stephen the Martyr

School Advisory Board Minutes

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

7:00 pm – GPC Board Room


Attendance: Father Dave Belt, Amie Konwinski, John Kalkowski, Steph Tupper, Jen Jones, Katie Holt, Natalie Skutt, Leslie McFee, Joe Reding, Todd Hartz, Patrick Cooley, Sarah Heller, Dr. Roseanne Williby, Angie Palmer (visiting from St. Vincent de Paul)


Opening prayer: Board Member’s Prayer: All


  1. Vote on Mission Statement
    1. “United in Christ to ignite the joy of faith, community, and learning.”
      1. Motion to approve mission statement made, seconded, and approved


  1. Standing items
    1. Discussion and vote on approval of September minutes
      1. Motion to approve September minutes made and approved
    2. School Report: Roseanne Williby
      1. School Culture:
        1. Integration of Love & Logic professional development sessions (2-5 teacher for the last few years have attended
      2. Conferences: over 1,000 conferences held in November
  • ESSA Grant (Every Student Succeeds Act): $10,264 will be used for staff development (increase from $1,800/year)
  1. Budget: Reviewing budgets and how to act more conservatively and implementing possible cost-cutting measures
    1. Reported 100% participation for staff involvement
  2. Teacher Survey: PLC discussions to determine concerns and suggestions for improvement
    1. Discussion happening during staff meetings
    2. Quarterly staff socials: volunteer
  3. Spring Open House: Held on February 11th from 10 am – 1 pm.
  • Teacher Celebrated: Connie Bredemeyer – celebrating 40 years of teaching – recognized on Monday morning assembly (November 20th)
  • Student Leadership Council: Principal meets once monthly with 9 middle school students to discuss concerns and hear suggestions
  1. Motion to approved School Report made, seconded, and approved


  1. Welcome new board members
    1. Introductions of new members and visitor (Angie Palmer)
    2. History background: John Kalkowski
      1. 3-year History:
        1. Our function was solely that of advisors (6) – no decision making, goal setting, strategic planning, or making of improvements
        2. Meetings consisted of reviewing reports
        3. Smaller duties: Teacher appreciation & awards, some committees, present at functions
        4. Deacon Ernie participated in administrative meetings as Director of Stewardship/development
      2. Operations & Challenges
        1. Meitler study
        2. Discussion of teacher retention & math curriculum
        3. Leadership challenges and ‘roadblocks’
          1. Deacons given administrative rolls that were out of the realm of job descriptions
        4. Decreased school enrollment/finances
        5. Unfavorable surveys results
        6. Quality of education
        7. Teacher retention/recruitment/mentorship
        8. Staff changes have affected all but K-1st
  • Positive Change the Board has helped with
    1. Creation of Ambassador Team: Open House
    2. Improvements to calendar
    3. Attendance Policy
    4. School is AdvancED accredited
    5. Part-time math teacher hire
    6. Tuition Assistance Program Implemented
    7. Device Loan Agreement
    8. Mission re-developed
    9. Now: Separation of RE Board and School Advisory Board
    10. Shift in operational philosophy: from ‘report’ driven to ‘planning driven’
    11. Developing system for exit interviews
  1. Immediate priorities:
    1. Designate committee members, schedule meeting times, designate chairs, and set specific goals
    2. Create vision – what it looks like for all stakeholders
    3. Rewrite and approve by-laws and policies
    4. Promote/embody our mission & establish climate change
  2. What to know:
    1. Our School’s Mission: United in Christ to ignite the joy of faith, community, and learning.
    2. Separation from RE, member expansion, and focus on 4 committees: we are treating this a brand new board starting from scratch with a fresh start
    3. 4 Committees: Mission & Catholic Identity, Governance and Leadership, Academic Excellence, Operational Vitality – most of the Board’s work will be from these committees
    4. 4 Full Board Meetings per year: January (16th), April (17th), August (21st), November (2018)
    5. Spread the positive word, not the negative
  3. Discussions
    1. Increase communications and building bridges for communications/relationships
    2. Terms of each Board member and considerations


  1. Open discussion for leadership for Standing Committees: Review definitions, standing committee meeting dates/time.
    1. Based off of National Standards and Benchmarks
    2. Mission and Catholic Identity
      1. Community Building
      2. Define the role of the mission for each stakeholder
  • Vision statement
  1. Members: Leslie McFee, Patrick Cooley (chair), Jen Jones, Sarah Heller
  2. Meeting: Tuesday, December 12th at 7 pm – Location TBD
  1. Governance and Leadership
    1. By-Laws (collaboration with Operational Vitality Committee)
    2. Strategic plan for academics
  • Nomination committee
  1. Advisory for retention and recruitment of staff
  2. Members: Joe Reding (Chair), Todd Hartz, Natalie Skutt, Katie Holt
  3. Meeting Date: Thursday, November 30th at 7 pm – SSM
  1. Academic Excellence
    1. Curriculum
    2. Assessment planning
  • Tracking student progress
  1. Review of curriculum and instructional practices
  2. Teacher recognition
  3. Mandated by AdvancED
  • Members: Dr. Williby, Educational Staff, John Kalkowski, Leslie McFee, Sarah Heller, Jen Carda, Katie Holt (chair)
  • Meeting Date: December 27th at 7 pm DJs Dugout
  1. Operational Vitality
    1. Three to five-year fiscal plan (collaboration with finance committee)
      1. Endowments
    2. By-Laws (collaboration with Governance and Leadership)
  • Strategic plan for Facilities
  1. Enrollment Management and development
    1. Ambassador committee (open house scheduled Feb 11, ‘18)
  2. Strategic plan for Marketing
  3. Strategic plan for Technology
  • Membership: Natalie Skutt (chair), Joe Reding (Advancement), Jen Carda, Jen Jones
  • Meeting Date: Thursday, November 30th at 7 pm – SSM
  1. Open House Meeting Date: Monday, December 11th at 7:30 pm at Skyboxx
  1. Discussions
    1. Engaging Father in the Discussions/Meetings: chair heads will touch base with Father via email and/or phone discussion
    2. Great resources via NCEA and Creighton on how to develop effective Boards
  • Disseminating information to stakeholders
    1. Informing stakeholders of new members
    2. Communication to parents
    3. New website
    4. Recruitment for subcommittees of the Board


  1. Began reviewing information received from Parent Survey
    1. Questions/Comments
      1. Communication with stakeholders (esp. parent families) regarding parent survey
        1. Strengths, weaknesses, suggestions
        2. I don’t know responses – developing communication plan


  1. Closing comments
    1. Parish Council: going through same process
    2. Finance Committee: reviewing budget, making cuts and responsible decisions


  1. Closing Prayer: Father Dave Belt

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