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School Advisory Board Minutes – November 2018


Fr. David Belt, Julie Perrault, Dr. Joe Greco, Amanda Treiber, Anne Kalkowski, Todd Hartz, Kari Hohenstein, Patrick Cooley, Jen Jones, Joe Reding, Leslie McFee, Sarah Heller, Jen Carda

Absent: Katie Holt, Natalie Skutt

  1. Opening prayer – Patrick Cooley
  2. Introductions – All
    1. Special Guests: Shelly Kalin, Home & School Co-President and Allison Zadina, SSM Communications Director.
  3. Listening Tour and Observations – All: 
    1. The SAB hosted four Listening Sessions – two Sunday afternoons and two Thursday evenings.  There will also be a session for teachers/staff and one for students as well.  Sessions are facilitated by Dan DeLuca.  The first session was cancelled due to low numbers.  The last session had the largest attendance with 60-70, and baby-sitting was available from the 8th grade class.  Overall the discussion was very good and we obtained a lot of useful feedback.  Discussion regarding transparency as to what we are going to do with the data and next steps.  Communicate of our next steps and the plan with the school parents (recap, thank you, next steps) is essential.  Todd and the planning committee will touch base with Dan to get the framework; Allison will help with the communication piece.
    2. Last year’s survey results need to be re-reviewed and communicated to parents.  Discussion was held regarding finding common themes from last year and this year.  Discussion was held regarding sending the same survey to compare and measure our growth and use last year’s as a baseline.  The additional feedback from the survey plus the listening sessions will be put together to develop the strategic plan.
    3. Parents will also be surveyed for Advanced Ed in the near future.
  4. K-8 School Update – Mrs. Perrault & Dr. Greco:
    1. MAP testing is completed.  Data and results will be complied and sent out to parents.
    2. Working on alignment with curriculum; in progress and moving in the right direction.
    3. Academic Excellence Sub Committee will be invited 11/27, right after school in the school library.
    4. Friendship Committee is meeting tomorrow for the first time.  A couple of parents that are counselors are on this committee.  Working on kindness and the campaign in February.
    5. A new computer teacher has been hired and will start after Christmas break.
    6. Mrs. Perrault will be working with Allison to start planning the Open House on January 27th.
  5. Pre-School Update – Mrs. Perrault & Dr. Greco:
    1. Dr. Greco has been researching all day preschool programs.
    2. Our largest competition is those programs that offer ½ day care and ½ day education. The goal is to create a pipeline from preschool into the 5 day school.
  6. Father Dave’s Update:
    1. Father Dave updated the group on the following topics:
      1. Reminder of our main objectives
      2. Ed Woll & Randy Wiese’s positions – facilities and stewardship and what they will be working on specifically.
      3. State of financials for parish and school and steps to make improvements.
  7. Subcommittee Membership Review – All :
    1. Todd summarized Academic Excellence Committee will start up soon with a meeting with the teachers.
    2. Mission & Catholic Identity Committee will be invited to a Catholic Schools week meeting; Mrs. Perrault will let Patrick know the date/time.
    3. Need to discuss how to break down Operational Vitality Committee into further sub committees; will meet with Dr. Greco and Ed after the Holidays.
    4. Governance & Leadership will meet with Father after the Holidays to start on a plan as well.
  8. Miscellaneous:
    1. Katie Holt has resigned her position on the SAB.  Joe will review the by-laws to determine the correct process of how and when to fill the position.

Closing Prayer – Sarah Heller

Next Meeting: February 5, 2019     6:30 p.m.

Greeter = Kari Hohenstein

Opening Prayer = TBD

Closing Prayer = Anne Kalkowski