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School Advisory Board Minutes – September 2018

St. Stephen the Martyr School Advisory Board

“United in Christ to ignite the joy of faith, community, and learning”


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

7:00 pm. GPC Board Room

Meeting Minutes


*This meeting’s purpose was a meet and greet for new board members and school administration.



Fr. David Belt, Julie Perrault, Dr. Joe Greco, Amanda Treiber, Anne Kalkowski, Todd Hartz, Kari Hohenstein, Patrick Cooley, Jen Jones, Joe Reding, Leslie McFee, Sarah Heller

Absent: Katie Holt, Natalie Skutt, Jen Carda


  1. Opening prayer – Todd
  2. Introductions & Positive Sharing – All
  3. Listening Tour and Strategic Planning Update – Father Dave & Dan DeLuca:
    1. Father Dave discussed the current phase which is planning. Where are we currently?  Where are we going?  How do we get there?  This year will be spent developing this plan.
    2. Dan’s presentation on Evangelization and how it effects our school.
      1. Mission Plan: St. Stephen the Martyr School is united in Christ to ignite the joy of faith, community and learning.
      2. Gather Data: need to understand where we are at today (Listening Sessions and Survey). What are we doing well that lives out the mission of the school?  What do we need to improve upon for the mission?  Structured around 13 benchmarks for Effective Catholic Schools.  Four topics: Mission & Catholic Identity, Governance & Leadership; Academic Excellence; Operational Vitality.   This will go along with our work to continue to be Advanced Ed.
      3. Establish Vision Statement. Create future vision – where do we want to be in 5 years.
      4. Create Goals. For 1, 3 and 5 year goals.
      5. Continuous Reevaluation. Track progress, yearly update on goals, altered goals.
      6. Establish a Planning Team & Schedule Listening Sessions.


  1. Open Discussion Role & Vision / Goals & Highlights of SAB – All:
    1. Turning the page of a reactionary board to a visionary board.
    2. Positive energy, bumps along the road, be patient. The Lord is with us thru all of this.



  1. Subcommittee Discussion – All:
    1. Discussion of formation of the subcommittees.
    2. MCI was represented by multiple smaller committees in the school. Now there is one committee.  SAB will be involved with this school committee.  It would be the same for Academic Excellence.



  1. School Update – Julie Perrault & Dr. Greco:
    1. Perrault gave her update.
    2. Greco gave an update on exit interviews over the summer.
    3. The school has transitioned to Google Calendar for scheduling events. This will be sent to parents.
    4. Tardy and absence policy reviewed and its purpose for tracking for the state.
    5. New behavior plan reviewed.



  1. Parent Ambassador Team – All :
    1. Todd will send email to look for volunteers


  1. Miscellaneous:

Opening Prayer, Closing Prayer and Greeter assignments will be sent with the meeting minutes.


Closing Prayer – Jen Jones

Next Meeting: November 13, 2018   6:30 p.m.

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