Stewardship & Development


Stewardship demonstrates that we are responsible and committed to the way we share and use our gifts (spiritual, human, financial) in service to family, church and community. The purpose of stewardship at St. Stephen is to encourage parishioners to respond to God gratefully and generously by placing Him at the center of their lives.

Stewardship at St. Stephen is based upon faith. We are called to a life of prayer and holiness. It is our responsibility to nurture our faith by sharing it with and teaching it to others, especially children. We are entrusted to spread the Word of God.

One of the many elements that make St. Stephen such a unique and faith-filled parish is its diversity of parishioners. The time, skills and knowledge we receive from God and nurture through worship, work, family, education and community are ways to express our faith by placing ourselves in service to others, especially our spiritual family.

As Christians, the stewardship of our financial resources is a matter of faith. Scripture speaks a powerful truth as Matthew proclaims, “Wherever your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” In many respects, our attitude about money mirrors our relationship with God and neighbor. Generously giving our money to our church is a powerful symbol of our trust in God.

Charitable giving is an individual, personal and/or family decision. In order for St. Stephen to meet the many and varied needs of its parishioners, sacrificial and stewardship level gifts are essential. Examine your heart. When you are at peace about the size of your gift, when you believe it is a true sign of your commitment to Jesus Christ, and when it satisfies your conscience and meets your ability, then your gift is the proper amount.

The use of Online Giving to make stewardship payments is popular with many parish households because of its convenience and it benefits St. Stephen’s for the purposes of budgeting and cash flow. If you have not already created an account and want to pay electronically, please select the green Online Giving button to the right and start an account.

As we make a decision to become Christian stewards, we are answering the call of Jesus. We are saying “YES” to following Him and participating in building a Kingdom of love, justice and peace. That Kingdom begins in our hearts as we turn to the Lord and unleash the generosity that springs from within us. Praise God for all the gifts He has generously given us!




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