Prayer Line

You are not alone! Did you know St. Stephen the Martyr has prayer warriors who are ready to pray for YOUR intention?

God has given us this incredible gift to intercede on behalf of others through prayer and thanksgiving!

Submit your prayer request to be shared with our Prayer Line Ministry and/or with our Parish Family here on this web-page.

If you have a prayer request to be included in the bulletin or a deceased loved-one we can pray during the Prayers of the Faithful, please contact the parish office at (402) 896-9675 or email

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Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for my father, Norman Timm, who is ill and in Palliative (pre-hospice) care. Thank you, Deanna Mullen (11/11/2021)

  • Prayers requested for Eli Cole, teenage son of Tiffany and Jim Cole of St. Stephens. He’s been suffering blurred vision and dizziness and had a very worrisome MRI scan today. He’s being admitted to Neurology at Children’s. Tiffany requests prayers for answers and healing! (10/29/2021)

  • Please pray for my cousin's baby girl, Eleanor Iris Kent who was born on Sept. 20, 2021 and is quite sick. Before birth, the doctors found that her heart was not developing as it should. They soon realized the baby's 8th chromosome was not right (it's called Chromosome 8 I think). Basically, she has the chance of being a normal child, but she also has the chance of having lots of developmental difficulties. When she was born she was actually far healthier than anyone thought she would be! She will need to have heart surgery somewhere between the 3rd and 6th months of her life. Today we got some sad news though, she is getting sicker and it's not looking good. Her sodium levels are too low and they think she has cystic fibrosis. They found blood in her stools this morning and she is off all oral meds and only on IVs again. Please please please pray for little baby Eleanor and her family!! Her parents are Colin and Lyndley and her older brother is Henry. (10/1/2021)
  • For safety and peace for the people of Afghanistan (8/27/2021)
  • For all refugees left in the aftermath of the unrest (8/27/2021)
  • For all teachers and support staff as they head into the new school year (8/27/2021)
  • For all students, they will encounter, that they may be open to learn and grow (8/27/2021)
  • Katie from Tennessee thought she had beat cervical cancer but went to the hospital yesterday. She had surgery today for a large mass. She is being told she has only days to live. Katie has 4 daughters under the age of 13. Your prayers are so appreciated. Thank you. Pat Deharty (8/2/2021)
  • Susan Garro, wife of Greg, who is ill (7/29/2021)
  • Co-worker's sister, Emily, has diabetes and is facing surgery to amputation due to infection in her bone. (7/2/2021)
  • Please pray for Emmett Hassenstab who was in a terrible diving accident and has paralysis in his arms and legs. May God’s merciful hand touch Emmett and restore him to full health. (7/13/2021)
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for my son's success in finding a job. (6/22/2021)


If you would like to be part of the Prayer Line Ministry, please contact Beth Wetgen at or (402) 669-4793. 

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