Religious Education Registration

Welcome, we are so happy you are here and seeking to form your family in the Catholic faith! We want this process to be a blessing to you so we are excited to launch online registration for Religious Education. Below you will find brief descriptions of our program offerings, registration instructions, and discount codes.


Our Programs

  • Catechis-Led Classes: These classes are available for K-8. They are our traditional classroom-style classes. Classes are led by one or two catechists following a textbook curriculum. We use OSV's Alive in Christ curriculum. Our 8th graders use Purpose Confirmation curriculum.
  • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: These classes are available for Pre-K children 3-5 years old and who are fully potty-trained. CGS is a Montessori-style learning environment. CGS Catechists undergo 90 hours of formation in order to help children develop a relationship with God. Feel free to request a tour of the Atrium (CGS learning environment)!
  • Parent-Led Classes: These classes are available for K-7. This is a style of religious education focused on equipping parents to teach their families in the home. We utilize Sophia Institute's Family of Faith curriculum. This year we will be using Year Three: Life in Christ. Families are split into groups to support one another and grow in the faith together. Each group is led by a particular family that acts as a facilitator. Parents attend monthly parent nights to deepen understanding and engage in discussion. Families come together for monthly community nights. Parents assume the role of primary educators and utilize the Activity book to provide weekly age-appropriate lessons to their children.

Registration Instructions

  • Choosing Class Times: Our Catechist-Led classes are available at five different times: Tuesday at 4:15 p.m. or 5:30 p.m.; and Wednesday 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m., and 7 p.m. Spots in class times will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. When you register your child, you will first select their grade and then program options for that grade will appear. If you are choosing a Catechist-Led class, check only your first choice for class times and then in the "Notes" field, list your second choice for class time.
    • Example: Lou wants to register his 1st grader for Wednesday at 4 p.m. but he could also do Tuesday at 5:30 p.m., Lou will check "Catechist-Led Wed 4pm" under Program Options. Under the "Notes" field Lou will write, "second option is Tuesday 5:30pm".
  • Contact Info: If the parent registering the child for the class is not the parent in custody on the night that the child will be in class, please note that.
  • Sacrament Years: If your children will be preparing to receive a Sacrament (typically this is First Communion/Reconciliation in 2nd Grade and Confirmation in 8th Grade), please select either "First Communion Sacrament Fee" or "Confirmation Sacrament Fee" under the program options.
    • Example: Lou also has an 8th grader who wants to register for a Catechist-Led class on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. Lou will select 8th Grade, then under program options, he will check "Catechist-Led Wed 4 pm" and "Confirmation Sacrament Fee".

Tuition and Discount Codes:

Tuition is:

  • $175 per student for Catechist-Led Class
  • $150 per student for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
  • $130 per student for Parent-Led Class

Religious Education tuition is waived for the immediate children of the adults who volunteer with us. If you are interested in helping to form young minds in the faith, assisting in child-care, or helping with some of the behind-the-scenes tasks please click here to complete this form and access the discount code.

If you are volunteering be sure to use the code CAT22.

If you have 3 or more children, please use the corresponding discount code below.

  • 3 Children: 3MEM
  • 4 Children: 4MEM
  • 5 Children: 5MEM
  • 6 Children: 6MEM
  • 7 Children: 7MEM

If you are registering more than 7 children, please contact our office so we can set up a discount code for you.

God bless you!

Religious Education Team

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