CYSL & Micro Soccer

Registration for the Fall 2022 season is now closed!

  • Micro Soccer (ages 3-6):Registration for the fall soccer season is closed.
  • CYSL (Kindergarten - 8th grade): Registration: Registration for CYSL fall soccer season is closed.

SSM Soccer Registration Fall 2022

Welcome to the St. Stephen the Martyr soccer registration page! Please complete the registration form using the above links and submit payment via credit card to complete the registration process. No registration is considered complete until paid. No refunds will be provided after teams are formed. 

SSM soccer is open to all registered parishioners ages 3 to 14. We welcome athletes of all abilities, including multi-sport athletes.

IMPORTANT: The registration deadlines are listed below and registrations received after these dates will be subject to late fees and/or run the risk of not being placed on a team:
  • Micro Soccer Registration is closed.
  • CYSL Soccer Registration is closed.

MICRO SOCCER - AGES 3 TO 6 - Registration is closed. 
Micro games are played primarily on Sunday afternoons at SSM. This program is designed as a fun introduction to soccer for younger players. If your player has experience or exhibits aggressiveness for the ball, we recommend advancing to our CYSL Level when appropriate. If you are interested in coaching and assisting with a MICRO team, please indicate so in the parent information section below. Fees for MICRO Soccer will be $65 per player and $75 if received after Noon on Friday, August 19, 2022. Non-numbered T-shirts will be provided for MICRO Soccer and are included in the registration fee.

CYSL SOCCER - Kindergarten through 8th Grade - REGISTRATION CLOSED 
Fees for the Catholic Youth Soccer League (CYSL) will be $85 per player and $110 per player if received after 11:59 PM on Friday, July 1, 2022. Last year all CYSL players received a new St. Stephen logoed soccer jersey with individual numbers printed on the back. If you have a new uniform from last year, you may use it again this year or order a new uniform top when registering your student below. New or replacement uniform jerseys are $25.00 each. The recommended shorts are the Adidas Parma 16 in navy blue and the recommended sock is the Adidas Metro IV or V in navy blue.

For more information, please contact:
MICRO Soccer: Chris & Lizzy Osterloh at
CYSL Soccer: Jeremy Mace at

Due to inclement weather school is closed today.